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27: Underrated British Films & Underrated Non-Disney/Pixar Animated Films

In this episode the boys argue over pirates and Scottish mutants. What more do you need? Also cameras are rolling as they discuss underrated British films and underrated non-Disney/Pixar films. This episode has all the Tone-Loc you can eat! Don't miss it, Extravaganzers!  

She loves to do the wild thing.

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Funky cold medina. #extentofToneLoc'slibrary

26: Best of 2013!

WE'RE NOT DEAD! On the outside anyway. The boys are FINALLY back to say kiss my grits to 2013 and ring in the new year JJPE style: with lengthy inane conversations! In this episode the boys go over their favorite movies, books, music, and other pop culture goodies from 2013! And super special list: top five favorite animals! Also teeth, porno, and a SPECIAL GUEST. Who could it be?!?!?!?!? Listen and find out! Happy New Year, Extravaganzers!

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Snappy lou beer!

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25: Favorite Movie Bad Guys and Scariest Movies

Happy Halloweeniversary, Extravaganzers! The boys celebrate TWENTY FIVE FREAKING EPISODES by enforcing meaningless rules on themselves, discussing Halloween costumes of years gone by, revealing far too much about "watching movies with friends", and other mischief and malarkey. It's a Halloween humdinger of an episode! DON'T MISS IT.

Trick or treat!

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24: 80s/90s Cartoons That Deserve A Revival and Sports Teams You Love to Hate

In this episode the boys talk way too much about frogs and giraffes, nightmarish biology classes, James' completely normal and healthy television habits, braised racks of lamb, and other various topics before tackling the top five 80s/90s cartoons that deserve a revival and sports teams you love to hate. BUT NOT ALONE! The boys are joined by their friend Mychael Stewart as they tiptoe down the dissected giraffe neckhole that is this episode of the JimmyJew Podcast Extravaganza. Don't miss it!

SPECIAL NOTE: Unfortunately this episode was plagued with a few technical errors and as such the audio is a little wonky. Still listenable, no worries. Won't happen again, folks! We promise ring.

Zip it up...

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And zip it out!

BBJJPE: Breaking Bad JJPE Special!

Don't be blue, Extravaganzers! In this special episode the boys discuss and dissect the finale of one of their favorite shows: Breaking Bad. Needless to say: spoilers ahead. Also they mildly (but not really) spoil other shows. But who cares. YEAH B*TCH, MAGNETS!


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a robot?

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23: Actors Who Could Play the Shark & Favorite Works of Fiction That Take Place in 24 Hours

WE'RE BACK, BABY! After much to-dos and goings-ons and shenanigans and what-nots and who-whatzits and jibberjaw, the JJPE returns! In this epsiode: the glory of Jon Hamm's beard, mullets, what really makes a robot happy, Ad and Jim expertly talk biology, going wayyyyy too far into depth about Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the follies of youth, horseys!, and eventually top five actors who could play the shark and favorite works of fiction that take place in 24 hours. Put it in your earholes!

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Hugs and kisses, drugs and pisses!

22: Underrated Aspects of the Harry Potter Films and Favorite Movie Musicals

Lumos, y'all! In this episode Adam has a mad time with a new impression, a sleepy James learns the sinister means of his cultural standing, happy new Jew years!, Adam reveals his shameful previous birthday wishes, and the boys discuss their most anticipated remaining movies of 2013, underrated aspects of the Harry Potter films, and their favorite movie musicals. Sing along!

Also, the gods of podcasting have finally found out about our blasphemy and cursed this episode with some mild chopped/clipped audio. Forgive us. The universe is trying to end us.

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Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow. Bitch.

Episode 21: Best TV Show Opening Credit Sequences and Favorite Non-White Superheroes

In which the boys go North by North West, get chatty, discuss mollusks, consider super pants changing, tease BIRTHDAYS, say bad words, and eventually go over the best TV show opening credit sequences and their favorite non-white superheroes. It's a multicultural smorgasbord hullabaloo!

Adam's birthday is soon.

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Buy Adam lots of things. 9/14

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20: Favorite Sidekicks & Best Performances by Actors Playing Themselves

In this episode the boys discuss James' happiness, Johnson's Johnson, the best way to get a new corkscrew, Electric Slurpees, the many mysteries of James' childhood, THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENT JAMES ONCE PLAYED, preparing for Professor Scanlan, and (eventually) their top five favorite sidekicks and the top five best performances by actors playing themselves. It's rad. And sad. With Jim and Ad!


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Episode 19: Soundtrack of Your Life Songs & Underrated Directors

In which the boys most likely inaccurately discuss Quantum Leap, more Gary Busey, Biblical MMFery, rewiring brains through almonds, allow the Dark Side to nearly end the show again, and eventually talk about the top 5 songs on the soundtrack of your (their?) life (lives?) and most underrated directors and their single most underrated movies.

Also the boys are proud to announce that the upcoming 24 Hour JJPE will be OFFICIALLY SPONSORED by The Wayne Foundation. This is a great honor that we're completely thrilled about. More can be found about this incredible organization here:

And here's that other crap:

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The prequels looked like shit. I don't care. They did. THEY DID. Nargles.

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