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33: Books You'd Want During A 3-Hour Layover & Best TV Characters to Join After Season One

From the depths comes another lost JJPE episode! Recorded months ago, these questions were asked! How did James almost die MULTIPLE times as a lad? Who would lead a super superteam? What might cause the boys to give up bread forever? Listen and learn! Oh, yeah, and then some stuff about books and TV. Whateva.

James deserved to die.

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32: Underrated Matthew McConaughey Performances & Best Uses of Time Travel in Pop Culture

AKA The McConaughcaust! See how Matthew McConaughey nearly ends the JJPE forever! Thrill at furhter adventures into the treacherous planet (with the most beautiful flowers!) Inaster! Also hear the boys talk about time travel! So much content! So little context! Listen up, buttercup!

Alright alright alright...

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I still say EXPLOSIVE Ben Affleck is the best part of that movie...

31: Best/Most Complex Female Fictional Characters

In this episode the show is brought to a screaming laughter! Not anger! Not violence! Not Adam not really listening to James! Joy! Mirth! Smiles! What could bring about such jubilation? Listen and find out, Extravaganzers!

Oh, and we also talk about our Best/Most Complex Female Fictional Characters. Woohoo!

Lush vegetation.

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Beautiful flowers.

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30: Literary Works You Would Want Stanley Kubrick to Adapt

In this episode the boys correctly pronounce almonds, question Australia's importing/exporting industry, learn a little about Adam's viewing habits, bemoan the loss of intergalactic skirts, and are too lazy to come up with two lists--er, try a new experiment by only having one list this week: Literary Works You Would Want Stanley Kubrick to Adapt. Open the pod bay doors, HAL, and listen up!

Seriously, Colton's is disgusting.

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Seriously. Also, Cookie Butter would also make a great drag name.

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29: Recent Significant Life Events & Over/Underrated Franchises

The boys are really back! No lost episodes! Modern! Current! Still terrible!

In this episode the boys discuss slapping things together, Spiderman's web situation, the end of the world, possible books that may or may not have existed from Adam's childhood, take a short swim in the Serious Sea, and then eventually get to their top five recent significant life events and absolutely didn't completely screw up a top five...franchises list. You'll see. Or hear. Whatever.


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JJPE: A Song of Ice and Fire Special

In this special JJPE, the boys discuss the entire A Song of Ice and Fire book series (Game of Thrones to the rest of you). MASSIVE SPOILERS ahead, Extravaganzers, don't say we didn't warn you! 





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28: Impactful Deaths of Famous Peoples in Our Lives & Filmmakers You'd Love to See Make A Video Game

The boys are back! Can you believe it?! Well, you probably shouldn't. This is a LOST episode of JJPE, meaning it was recorded a longgg time ago and only just now was edited. No smoke monsters here, don't worry. 

In this candy-coated episode the boys ponder driving bobcats, death, and sacrificing sheep all while discussing the most impactful deaths of famous people in James and Adam's lifetime and the top five filmmakers you'd love to see make a video game, and what game you'd want them to make.

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Don't believe Adam. James is a bad person.

Quick update as to where we've been! Is James dead? Find out!

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27: Underrated British Films & Underrated Non-Disney/Pixar Animated Films

In this episode the boys argue over pirates and Scottish mutants. What more do you need? Also cameras are rolling as they discuss underrated British films and underrated non-Disney/Pixar films. This episode has all the Tone-Loc you can eat! Don't miss it, Extravaganzers!  

She loves to do the wild thing.

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Funky cold medina. #extentofToneLoc'slibrary

26: Best of 2013!

WE'RE NOT DEAD! On the outside anyway. The boys are FINALLY back to say kiss my grits to 2013 and ring in the new year JJPE style: with lengthy inane conversations! In this episode the boys go over their favorite movies, books, music, and other pop culture goodies from 2013! And super special list: top five favorite animals! Also teeth, porno, and a SPECIAL GUEST. Who could it be?!?!?!?!? Listen and find out! Happy New Year, Extravaganzers!

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Snappy lou beer!

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