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AKA Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.

Listen up alligators, mama-papas, space invaders, and rock n' rollin' bitches. Keep your 'lectric eye on this god-awful small affair as the boys discuss Arkansas' original state motto, Adam making a scene at the San Francisco International Airport, James' potential dip into The Twilight Zone, musicals!, wrinkles, and eventually their top five favorite Alan Rickman scenes and our most Bowie Bowie lyrics. It'll make sense when you hear it. Mostly.

We lost two of our heroes and decided to honor them as we only know how: arbitrary list-making.

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35: Most Wanted Star Wars Spin-Offs

AKA Our Star Wars Holiday Special

Listen up Padawans and Toydarians, the boys are back to discuss Chuck E. Cheese, Adam's...frightening love of Disney World, the origin of...a certain hobby, and, eventually, Star Wars. In particular, their top five most wanted Star Wars spin-offs. Spoiler alert, Dexter Jettsters, whole lotta talking about that new Star Wars movie...and possibly the Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978. And by possibly we mean definitely. And by definitely we mean that song by Beatrice(!) Arthur is fantastic.

Goodnight, but not goodbye...

PS. Check out our new logo by the fantastically talented Samantha "Cosmic" Hyatt! Such art! Much talent!


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34: Least Favorite Batman Villains and Greatest American Artists

AKA Did You Forget?

Not a joke! Not a lie! Not a slice of pumpkin pie (unfortunately)! The JJPE is back and as verbose and vulgar as ever! Over a year later the boys return to take apart pop culture and needlessly argue over meaningless claptrap. In this episode Adam is obsessed with...I forgot, James describes a charming medical procedure, and the duo list their top five least favorite Batman villains and their top five greatest American artists. We're back for good, folks. Thanks for sticking around. This is good coffee.

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JJPE Special: Angels in the Outfield Commentary

In this special episode the boys take (another) break from their usual list-making shenanigans and lay down a commentary track for the Disney classic "Angels in the Outfield". Marvel at Tony Danza soup. Coo over shirtless Matthew McConaughey. Spot the man with the banjo! 

"Angels in the Outfield" in its entirety can be found on YouTube with some clever searching so watch, laugh, and witness the end of civilization just because some dumb foster kid couldn't understand his meth-addicted father's sarcasm. Seriously, this movie has some twisted implications. Listen up!

Have the Angels won the pennant since this movie came out?\

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Probably not, Nacho-Butt.

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Valar morghulis, y'all! In this special SPOILERIFFIC ZONE episode, the boys go over the most recent season of HBO's hit show Game of Thrones. Spoilers ahoy for the show, the books, the fan theories, the porn parodies, a little bit o'everything. Don't miss out! Hodor!





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33: Books You'd Want During A 3-Hour Layover & Best TV Characters to Join After Season One

From the depths comes another lost JJPE episode! Recorded months ago, these questions were asked! How did James almost die MULTIPLE times as a lad? Who would lead a super superteam? What might cause the boys to give up bread forever? Listen and learn! Oh, yeah, and then some stuff about books and TV. Whateva.

James deserved to die.

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32: Underrated Matthew McConaughey Performances & Best Uses of Time Travel in Pop Culture

AKA The McConaughcaust! See how Matthew McConaughey nearly ends the JJPE forever! Thrill at furhter adventures into the treacherous planet (with the most beautiful flowers!) Inaster! Also hear the boys talk about time travel! So much content! So little context! Listen up, buttercup!

Alright alright alright...

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I still say EXPLOSIVE Ben Affleck is the best part of that movie...

31: Best/Most Complex Female Fictional Characters

In this episode the show is brought to a screaming laughter! Not anger! Not violence! Not Adam not really listening to James! Joy! Mirth! Smiles! What could bring about such jubilation? Listen and find out, Extravaganzers!

Oh, and we also talk about our Best/Most Complex Female Fictional Characters. Woohoo!

Lush vegetation.

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Beautiful flowers.

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30: Literary Works You Would Want Stanley Kubrick to Adapt

In this episode the boys correctly pronounce almonds, question Australia's importing/exporting industry, learn a little about Adam's viewing habits, bemoan the loss of intergalactic skirts, and are too lazy to come up with two lists--er, try a new experiment by only having one list this week: Literary Works You Would Want Stanley Kubrick to Adapt. Open the pod bay doors, HAL, and listen up!

Seriously, Colton's is disgusting.

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Seriously. Also, Cookie Butter would also make a great drag name.

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29: Recent Significant Life Events & Over/Underrated Franchises

The boys are really back! No lost episodes! Modern! Current! Still terrible!

In this episode the boys discuss slapping things together, Spiderman's web situation, the end of the world, possible books that may or may not have existed from Adam's childhood, take a short swim in the Serious Sea, and then eventually get to their top five recent significant life events and absolutely didn't completely screw up a top five...franchises list. You'll see. Or hear. Whatever.


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